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Doberge Cake
Neapolitan Cake
Almond Toffee
One Pound $20
Almond Bark One pound $20
Holiday Cookies 7 for $35
One pound $20
Pralines Royal
French Blue
One pound $70
½ pound $40
Fruit and Cheese Topiary
Black Swan Cake $95
An edible work of art with a mocha chocolate layer cake,
with chocolate and Frangelico buttercream filling,  
chocolate ganache frosting and festooned with chocolate feathers and curls

Boutique Croquembouche
Boutique Chocolate Doberge Cake
Boutique Neapolitan Cake
Boutique Almond Toffee
Boutique Chocolate Almond Bark
Boutique Holiday Cookies
Boutique Nougat
Boutique Pralines Royal
Boutique French Blue Chocolate
Boutique Fruit and Cheese Topiary
Boutique Swan Cake